Cedar Coast Photography

Cedar Coast Photography

Andrea Walker Collins

Photographer , Victoria, BC, Canada

Photography was first introduced to me through a library of books that my father collected when he was a young man, after having to eventually give up his expensive hobby to become a young father. In the basement of our house I would sit cross legged on cold pavement pouring over books before ever having used a proper camera. It was theory to me until I picked up my first SLR. Eventually it was only after I was without a camera at my side that I realized I was meant to have one.

I grew up on the very west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island, a place often described as one of the most beautiful in the world. Wandering through forests, swimming in the ocean... I have always seen the world as a beautiful place, despite photography’s propensity to bring to light the most unbeautiful parts of our world. Anti-aesthetic is not something that I’ve ever been able to relate to. I am an undying optimist and my photography is ultimately a reflection of this perspective.

My perspective took me to university, where I focused my studies in visual arts, and eventually majored in Photography. Since graduating I’ve come to realize first hand the notion of “the starving artist” and it has yet to keep me from stopping. I hope that whether professionally or passionately I will always be a photographer and an artist.